Aug. 15, 16, 17, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pets (dogs, cats, etc.) permitted at International Village?

A: Due to health and safety regulations, pets are not permitted at International Village. Service animals as defined under the U.S. Americans With Disabilities Act and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act are permitted at International Village, provided that they have been properly trained and that they are identified as service animals. Service animals must be under control at all times. For the definition of "service animals," visit the ADA website.

Q: Is there security at International Village?

A: Yes, the grounds are patrolled throughout the event by the City of McKeesport Police, who also will have a substation operating at the Village.

Q: Is emergency medical assistance available at International Village?

A: Yes, emergency medical assistance is provided by McKeesport Ambulance Rescue Service.

Q: Who do I call in case of emergency?

A.: Dial 9-1-1 to be connected to Allegheny County emergency management.

Q: Is International Village on Facebook?

A: Yes:

Q: How can people from out-of-town see International Village?

A: International Village will be webcast by Tube City Community Media Inc. (Please note: The International Village Committee and the City of McKeesport is not responsible for any external content.)

Q: Are firearms permitted?

A: Weapons of any kind are absolutely not permitted.